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Billie Eilish's Perfume Trilogy Reaches its Aromatic Crescendo with Eilish No. 3!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Billie Eilish Perfume No. 3

Latest Update: Billie Eilish just revealed the notes for Eilish No. 3! Check our latest and updated article here.

Eilish No. 3: The Grand Finale of Billie Eilish's Perfume Trilogy

Prepare to be enchanted once more as we approach the grand finale of Billie Eilish's perfume journey: Eilish No. 3! November is the month to mark on your calendars because this fragrance promises to be a captivating olfactory experience.

Billie Eilish Perfume No. 1

A Nostalgic Look Back at Eilish: The Original Fragrance Sensation

Before we delve into the anticipation of Eilish No. 3, let's take a moment to reflect on the captivating originals. Eilish, introduced in 2021, garnered accolades and captured hearts with its exquisite blend of sugared petals, Mandarin, and Red berries in the top notes, transitioning into a beguiling mixture of spices, cocoa, and creamy vanilla in the middle, all resting on a foundation of woods and musk. The result? An inviting Amber gourmand scent profile that wraps you in a warm, sensuous aura.

Billie Eilish Perfume No. 2

Eilish No. 2: A Departure from the Ordinary

Then came Eilish No. 2 in 2022, a poetic departure from its predecessor. With top notes of Italian bergamot and Apple Blossoms, middle notes of Papyrus, black pepper, and poppies, and a base anchored by palo Santo, ebony, and Musk, No. 2 ventured into uncharted olfactory territory. Though it didn't garner the same widespread acclaim, it possessed a unique allure that resonated with a select few, daring to defy mainstream fragrance norms.

Anticipating Eilish No. 3: A Fragrant Journey Begins

Now, with Eilish No. 3 on the horizon, the excitement is palpable. What aromatic symphony will Billie Eilish unveil this time? Speculation swirls, with hints of ripe cherries in the top notes, promising a delicate and playful opening. Zesty Bergamot Zest might add a citrusy twist to the mix, while a daring Metallic Accord of Aldehyde could introduce a modern, edgy dimension, keeping us on our toes.

As we venture into the heart of the fragrance, we can only imagine the possibilities. Perhaps a dash of Black Pepper will provide a spicy intrigue, mingling with the floral richness of Jasmine Petals and the earthy allure of Iris Root.

And as the scent lingers on the skin, we anticipate the base notes, which could include the comforting embrace of Amberwood, the creamy sweetness of Vanilla Orchid, and the sensual depth of Musk Ambrette. These notes would create a captivating, long-lasting foundation for Eilish No. 3, leaving us eager to experience this fragrant journey.

Join the Fragrance Fun: Share Your Guesses

The excitement and anticipation now mounts as we await Eilish No. 3.Will it match with our guess above? Maybe you would like to take a guess too? Comment your guesses below! Join us in this fragrant guessing game and follow us on social media - X and Facebook - to stay in the aromatic loop. Let's collectively celebrate Billie Eilish's artistic exploration of scent. 🍒

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