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Limited Edition or Limited Appeal? A Review of Acqua di Parma's Arancia La Spugnatura Fragrance

Acqua di Parma's latest limited edition fragrance, Arancia La Spugnatura, promises to deliver a joyful, luminous, and embracing scent, crafted from La Spugnatura, an extraction method practiced only by a few artisans in Italy. But is it worth the hype? After trying it out, we have to say that the fragrance falls short of expectations.

Man juicing an orange

The fragrance is meant to embody the bittersweet symphony of the Sicilian orange, with sparkling citrus notes coming together with soft and round nuances in a vivacious and multi-faceted composition. However, we found that the fragrance lacked complexity and depth. It was like showering yourself in orange juice – refreshing, but ultimately unremarkable.

The fragrance starts off strong, with uplifting, sunny notes of lemon and mandarin, but the heart notes of bitter almond and black pepper are underwhelming and fail to add much dimension to the composition. The base notes of cedarwood and musk lend an enveloping base, but it's not enough to save the fragrance from feeling one-dimensional.

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Arancia La Spugnatura

One highlight of Arancia La Spugnatura is the porcelain bottle that it comes in. The deep blue colour is emblematic of the Blu Mediterraneo collection, and the shiny porcelain pieces are individually decorated by hand with white, orange, and gold motifs. However, we found that the bottle's beauty couldn't make up for the fragrance's lackluster performance.

In conclusion, while the concept behind Arancia La Spugnatura is intriguing, the fragrance itself falls short. It lacks the complexity and depth that we've come to expect from Acqua di Parma, and ultimately feels underwhelming. If you're looking for a new fragrance to add to your collection, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

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