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Solaris by Penhaligon: A Whimsical Ode to the Sun


Welcome to the enchanting world of Penhaligon, a brand known for its whimsical creations that transport us to extraordinary realms. With each fragrance, Penhaligon weaves tales of wonder and magic, igniting our senses and imaginations. We adore this brand not only for its exquisite scents but also for the way it invites us to dream and explore the realms of fantasy.

Introducing Solaris by Penhaligon:

Behold, Solaris, a dazzling new perfume dedicated to the sun, the radiant heart of our celestial sky. As summer solstice graces the earth with its golden touch, Penhaligon's Solaris emerges as the perfect ode to the sun's majesty and brilliance. Interestingly, Solaris seems to be the celestial counterpart to Luna, Penhaligon's existing perfume inspired by the moon goddess, which captivated our nights.

An Ode to the Sun:

Like the sun rising at dawn, Solaris unfurls its essence with captivating top notes of blackcurrant and lemon. The fruity burst mirrors the energy and vibrancy of the sun's rays, dancing across the sky in a spectacular show of light.

As the day blooms and reaches its zenith, Solaris embraces the sun's full splendor with heart notes of ylang ylang and jasmine. These delicate floral notes embody the sun's warmth, caressing the skin like gentle sunbeams, radiating a sense of joy and positivity.

And as twilight descends, the perfume rests on a harmonious base of cedarwood, sandalwood, and vanilla. The woody and creamy tones mirror the earth's grounding embrace under the setting sun, leaving a lingering trail of subtle allure.

Emotions Unleashed:

Solaris is the perfect companion for sunny escapades and carefree adventures. Wear it on a beach day, and you'll feel like a sun-kissed deity, basking in the glow of the summer solstice. Its effervescent energy suits daytime events, filling the air with an aura of positivity.

As morning turns to noon, you'll find yourself embraced by Solaris' sweet embrace, exuding confidence and charm. Throughout the day, the scent's evolving notes will evoke feelings of excitement, serenity, and enchantment, mirroring the sun's journey through the heavens.

Perfumes Similar to Solaris:

If Solaris has captured your heart, you may also find solace in the embrace of these equally enchanting perfumes:

  1. Eclat d'Arpège by Lanvin: With delicate notes of lilac and peach, this fragrance captures the essence of sunshine on a lazy afternoon.

  2. J'adore Infinissime by Dior: An opulent floral bouquet with jasmine and rose, embodying the sun's warmth and radiance.


As you embark on this olfactory journey with Solaris, dear readers, let your thoughts and feelings be woven into the tapestry of this radiant fragrance. Embrace the whimsical world of Penhaligon and share your experiences, for each story adds to the magic that surrounds Solaris, our ode to the sun.

Image by Penhaligon

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