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Dedcool's Xtra Milk Perfume: A Disappointing Letdown

Dedcool Xtra Milk perfume eau de parfum

In the world of fragrances, it's not uncommon to have high expectations for a new and improved version of a scent. Dedcool's original Milk perfume had garnered a loyal following, but fans were often left yearning for better sillage and longevity. In response, Dedcool introduced Xtra Milk, promising a more potent and lasting olfactory experience. Unfortunately, the reality of this fragrance is a far cry from its promising premise.

The Familiar Notes

Dedcool's Xtra Milk is a perfume that boasts the same notes as its predecessor - a delightful trio of top notes of bergamot, middle notes of white musk, and base notes of amber. On paper, this combination is poised to evoke feelings of comfort, like being wrapped in a cozy, familiar embrace. In an ideal world, one could imagine these notes coming together to create a harmonious symphony of scent, reminiscent of a warm hug on a cold day.

Dedcool Xtra Milk Perfume - A Dismal Reality

However, the reality is starkly different. Xtra Milk is, quite simply, a letdown. The scent is barely present, as if it were the faintest remnant of perfume lingering in the air after a refreshing shower. The texture of the perfume is strangely oily, which might lead you to believe it would enhance the fragrance's intensity. Instead, it does nothing to bolster the scent's presence.

In a poetic reverie, one might envision the top notes of bergamot as a ray of sunshine, the middle notes of white musk as a comforting embrace, and the base notes of amber as a warm, inviting hearth. Yet, in reality, this perfume barely conjures these sentiments. The comfort it promises remains elusive.

A Costly Disappointment

Given the disappointment that Xtra Milk proves to be, I strongly urge my readers not to waste their money on this fragrance. Instead, consider exploring these five alternatives, which not only feature similar notes but also deliver a far more satisfying experience:

  1. Dulce by Rosie Jane: This delightful fragrance embodies a delicious scent that is a must-try for those seeking comfort and sweetness in their scent journey.

  2. Nest Fragrances - Indigo: With a unique blend of bergamot, tea, and cashmere wood this fragrance is a captivating alternative to Xtra Milk.

  3. Jo Malone - Peony & Blush Suede: Offering a well-balanced blend of notes, this fragrance is elegant and long-lasting, a far cry from Xtra Milk's disappointingly short-lived presence.

  4. Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud Cashmere: A luxurious option that envelops you in comfort, evoking a sense of well-being with every application.

  5. Le Labo - Another 13: A modern, intriguing scent that harnesses the power of musk and jasmine in a more pronounced and enduring manner.

In conclusion, Dedcool's Xtra Milk perfume is a fragrance that falls short of its promises. It leaves perfume enthusiasts wanting more, but not in the way they anticipated. I invite my readers to share their thoughts on this scent and whether they, too, found it to be a disappointment. Join us on our social platforms, X and Facebook, for more reviews like this one and the latest from the fragrance industry. Don't let one letdown deter you from exploring the world of scents; there are many fragrant wonders waiting to be discovered.

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