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Lychee Infusion: Kayali's Eden Perfume Collection Welcomes Sparkling Lychee | 39

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Kayali Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 Eau de Parfum Perfume


In the kaleidoscopic world of fragrances, Kayali stands as a beacon of olfactory excellence. Renowned for crafting scents that resonate with sophistication and allure, the brand has captured the essence of elegance since its inception. With a lineage marked by notable achievements, Kayali has seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, resulting in a series of captivating scents that have garnered a devoted following.

Exploring Kayali's Fragrant Journey:

From the exquisite allure of Vanilla | 28 to the captivating musings of Musk | 12, Kayali has left an indelible mark on the fragrance industry. Each creation tells a story, an olfactory narrative that enchants and captivates. As lovers of fine fragrances, we eagerly anticipate each release, and the upcoming launch of Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 is no exception.

Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 Unveiling:

Scheduled for release on December 1st, at HudaBeauty, Kayali's latest perfume, Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 Eau de Parfum promises to be a sensorial journey like no other. For aficionados of the lychee scent, this is a momentous occasion, as Kayali delves into the rich, sparkling essence of this exotic fruit.

A Burst of Freshness: Top Notes Enlivening the Senses

Picture a symphony of notes that dance gracefully on your skin. The top notes of Blackcurrant, Sparkling Lychee, Italian Lemon, and Red Apple create an effervescent prelude, a burst of freshness that enlivens the senses. As the composition unfolds, the heart notes of Rose Damascena, Candied Violet, and Jasmine Sambac weave a floral tapestry, while the base notes of Sugared Amber, Cedarwood, Musk, Vanilla Absolute, and Sandalwood provide a warm, lingering embrace. It's a fragrance that evolves, revealing its layers like chapters in a novel.

Olfactory Profile and Characteristics:

The top notes deliver a crisp, fruity introduction, perfect for the vibrancy of daytime wear. The floral heart notes add a touch of elegance, making it suitable for special occasions and evening affairs. The base notes, rich and warm, lend a comforting aura, making it an ideal companion for the colder seasons.

Similar Scents to Kayali's Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39 Perfume:

For those enchanted by Sparkling Lychee, we recommend exploring fragrances with a similar allure. One such gem is Tutti Twilly d'Hermès, an aromatic symphony that shares the playful and sophisticated spirit embodied by Kayali's creation.


Are you eagerly anticipating the release of Eden Sparkling Lychee | 39? Join us in the excitement and stay tuned for more updates from the fragrance universe. Follow us on our social channels - X and Facebook - to immerse yourself in the latest news and discoveries from the world of scents. After all, in the realm of fragrances, every note tells a story, and we're here to explore it together.

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