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Phlur's Father Figure: A Journey Through Hidden Gardens

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Phlur Father Figure
Image by Phlur

Introduction to Phlur's Father Figure:

If you haven't read our recent review of Phlur's Solar Power, please read that first and come to read our review of Father Figure!

In the mesmerizing world of fragrances, Phlur continues to captivate us with their latest release, Father Figure, an exquisite unisex perfume that echoes the magic of hidden and secret gardens. Following the success of their earlier fragrance, Solar Power, Phlur's newest creation embraces the duality of nature and human spirit, with the tagline "Be Your Own Daddy" resonating strongly in the brand's powerful marketing campaign. As we delve into the essence of Father Figure, we embark on a poetic journey, exploring the emotions it evokes and the feelings it inspires throughout the day.

Phlur Father Figure
Image by Phlur

Unraveling the Inspiration and Message:

Father Figure draws its inspiration from the clandestine allure of secret gardens - places brimming with life, whispers of mystique, and a sense of secluded empowerment. By showcasing female models in power suits and using statements such as "commanding yet tender" and "bold yet refined" in their marketing, Phlur encourages individuals to embrace their strength and vulnerability simultaneously, embracing the essence of a true "father figure" within themselves. The fragrance beckons wearers to explore the enigmatic facets of their personalities, unveiling the captivating layers hidden beneath.

The Fragrance Notes:

At the heart of this olfactory masterpiece are notes of Waterlily, Lush Fig, and Cassis Buds, which weave a tapestry of lush greenery and tantalizing fruitiness. The middle notes of Orris Root, Iris Flower, and Jasmine Dew conjure images of morning dew glistening on petals, infusing the fragrance with elegance and a sense of awakening. As the base notes of Skin Musks, Vanilla Madagascar, Patchouli Leaf, and Sandalwood emerge, Father Figure delves deeper into the wearer's soul, embracing them with a warm, comforting embrace.

Emotions Unleashed:

As the notes transition from the tantalizing top to the captivating base, Father Figure guides the wearer on an emotional journey. The initial burst of Waterlily and Fig inspires happiness and jubilation, while the graceful combination of Orris Root and Jasmine Dew fosters a sense of confidence and grace throughout the day. The fragrance's base notes, wrapped in the soft embrace of Sandalwood and Vanilla Madagascar, instill a feeling of security and warmth, akin to the comforting presence of a true father figure.

The Perfect Occasion and Season:

Father Figure is an ideal companion for all occasions, radiating an aura of sophistication and allure. With its green and fruity tones, it is particularly well-suited for the spring and summer seasons, elevating the wearer's charm and presence during sun-kissed days. This fragrance thrives during the day and early evening, bestowing a captivating essence that gracefully accompanies its wearer on any adventure.


Phlur's Father Figure is a mesmerizing journey through hidden gardens, a fragrance that celebrates the strength and tenderness that reside within all of us. Embrace the allure of lush figs, delicate flowers, and grounding musks as you step into the enchanting world of Father Figure, and let its captivating notes reveal the powerful yet delicate facets of your own being. Embrace the spirit of Phlur's message, "Be Your Own Daddy," and unleash the potent magic of this extraordinary fragrance, forever leaving your mark in the secret gardens of life.

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