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Unveiling Gucci Bloom Intense: A Moonlit Journey into Floral Magic

Gucci Bloom Intense


In the realm of fragrances, Gucci's Bloom series has captivated our senses with its enchanting ode to the art of blooming. The original Gucci Bloom transported wearers to a flourishing garden, where the essence of blooming flowers was eloquently captured. With its top note of Jasmine, middle note of Tuberose, and base note of Rangoon Creeper, it was a fragrant symphony that celebrated self-discovery and authenticity.

The Original Gucci Bloom - A Garden of Self-Discovery:

Gucci Bloom, the first chapter in this olfactory tale, painted a vivid picture of a thriving garden bursting with flowers. It symbolized the idea of unveiling one's true and best self, much like a flower unfurling its petals in full bloom. The fragrance's top note of Jasmine, middle note of Tuberose, and base note of Rangoon Creeper worked together harmoniously, inviting you into a fragrant world where authenticity reigned supreme.

Enter Gucci Bloom Intense - A Lunar Adventure:

Now, Gucci invites us to explore a new facet of their olfactory universe with Gucci Bloom Intense, a perfume that promises intensity and potency. Inspired by the gravitational forces of the Moon, this fragrance takes the original concept of self-discovery a step further. It beckons wearers to not only reveal their authentic selves but also to embrace their creative essence. This has been quite a recurring theme - noting similar inspiration from the new fragrance released by Millie Bobby Brown.

The poetic symphony of notes in Gucci Bloom Intense weaves a captivating story. The top notes of pear, ginger, and mandarin set the stage with a bewitching opening, like a spell being cast. The heart of the fragrance, featuring sambac jasmine, orange blossom, and the mysterious "lady of the night" plant, conjures images of moonlit gardens filled with secrets. Finally, the base notes of Patchouli, Coconut, and Crystal Moss add a mysterious depth that lingers like ancient incantations.

Gucci Bloom Intense - A Witchy and Tarot Card Vibes:

The combination of these notes in Gucci Bloom Intense gives off an almost mystical aura, like flipping tarot cards in the moonlight. It's a fragrance that seems to draw inspiration from the unseen, the enchanting, and the esoteric. The scent possesses a certain witchy charm, making it an ideal choice for those who seek a fragrance with a touch of magic.

A Tepid Affection for the Bloom Series:

However, it must be noted that, overall, the Bloom series hasn't left a profound impression on everyone. Despite its captivating imagery and poetic notes, some may find the scents in the series to be somewhat one-dimensional. They tend to focus heavily on white florals, which may not appeal to those seeking more complexity in their fragrances. Additionally, for an "Intense" perfume, Gucci Bloom Intense doesn't quite live up to its name in terms of longevity.

Comparison Between Gucci Bloom and Gucci Bloom Intense:

When comparing the original Gucci Bloom with Gucci Bloom Intense, it's evident that both fragrances share a commitment to the white floral element. However, Gucci Bloom Intense takes a bolder approach with its pear, ginger, and mandarin top notes, adding an intriguing twist to the familiar bouquet. The heart notes of sambac jasmine, orange blossom, and "lady of the night" in Gucci Bloom Intense create a more enigmatic character compared to the straightforward Tuberose in the original. Finally, the base notes of Patchouli, Coconut, and Crystal Moss deepen the intensity, making Gucci Bloom Intense a more complex and mysterious option.

When and Where to Wear Gucci Bloom Intense:

Gucci Bloom Intense is best suited for those who appreciate the allure of white floral fragrances with a touch of magic. It's an excellent choice for evening wear, particularly during cooler seasons when the fragrance's intensity can truly shine. However, it's important to note that this "Intense" perfume may require reapplication throughout the day if you're planning for a long-lasting scent experience.

Discover Similar Fragrances:

For those who adore the white floral scent profile, there are other fragrances to explore. Consider Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess L'eau de Lumiére, which combines coconut, frangipani, and jasmine for a tropical twist. Alternatively, Solaris by Penhaligon offers a unique blend of blackcurrant and jasmine, providing a fresh and alluring scent. Another scent you may also wish to consider is Tom Ford's White Patchouli.


As you embark on your fragrance journey, we invite you to share your thoughts on your favorite Gucci perfumes or lines. Let us know which one resonates most with your unique style and personality. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest fragrance reviews and updates. Gucci Bloom Intense may not be for everyone, but its mystical charm is sure to captivate those who seek a fragrant adventure beyond the ordinary.

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