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Valaya by Parfums de Marly: The Fragrance that Charms and Confounds

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Valaya Perfume by Parfums de Marly


In June 2023, the fragrance world witnessed a significant change when Advent International acquired both Parfums de Marly and Initio, two prestigious brands under the talented helm of Julien Sprecher. These acquisitions have set the stage for a thrilling journey towards the forefront of the fragrance industry. Today, we explore one of the latest releases from Parfums de Marly - Valaya, a fragrance inspired by softness, as we dive into a review that is sure to captivate your senses.

Unveiling Valaya

Valaya, the brainchild of Parfums de Marly in 2023, stands as a fragrant ode to the world of softness. Drawing inspiration from the gentle touch of a woman, the caress of cotton, and the delicate whisper of subtlety, Valaya endeavors to embody softness while leaving a lasting impression.

Valaya Perfume by Parfums de Marly

The Fragrance

Valaya unveils its personality through a carefully orchestrated symphony of notes. It begins with a fresh burst of Bergamot, Mandarin, and White Peach in its top notes. The heart of the fragrance dances with Orange Flower, Nympheal, and Vetiver, while the base notes bring forth Akigalawood, Ambrofix, and Musk.

Valaya by Parfums de Marly - The Perfume Review

While the concept behind Valaya is undoubtedly poetic, it leaves something to be desired. The idea of softness and strength is not inherently captivating, and the fragrance fails to fully encapsulate this idea. The initial citrusy burst is promising, reminiscent of laundry days, but it takes an unfortunate turn. Valaya devolves into a soapy and powdery scent that, regrettably, doesn't leave a lasting impression.

One particularly divisive aspect is the base notes. Akigalawood, Ambrofix, and Musk may not sit well with everyone's preferences, as they contribute to an aroma that can be off-putting. If you're a fan of Delina from Parfums de Marly, Valaya may not be your cup of tea. The two fragrances are worlds apart in terms of appeal and character.

When to Wear Valaya

If you're still curious about Valaya, there are suitable occasions and times to wear this perfume. It's best worn during the daytime, particularly in the spring and summer seasons. The light and airy notes make it an ideal choice for casual, everyday wear, whether you're at work, running errands, or enjoying a leisurely day out. Valaya's soft character makes it a comfortable choice for any situation where subtlety is key.


Valaya by Parfums de Marly is a fragrance that embodies the concept of softness, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea. The promising start takes an unexpected turn, leaving it in the realm of fragrances that may not meet the high expectations set by Parfums de Marly's reputation. If you're still intrigued, give it a try for yourself and decide whether it suits your individual taste.

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