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Melanie Martinez's Latest Perfume 'Portals Parfums' Takes You on an Elemental Fragrance Adventure

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Introduction to Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez is no stranger to success in the world of music. With a captivating voice and a unique style that's both enchanting and whimsical, she has won the hearts of millions. But did you know she's not stopping at just music? The artist who brought us hits like "Cry Baby" and "Dollhouse" is now conquering a new frontier: the world of fragrances. Let's take a nostalgic stroll through Melanie's fragrant journey, from her first perfume creation to her latest masterpiece, 'Portals Parfums.'

From Cry Baby to Collector's Dream: Melanie's Scented Success

In 2016, Melanie Martinez ventured into the world of perfumes with 'Cry Baby' Perfume Milk, inspired by her debut album of the same name, "Cry Baby." This amber-vanilla fragrance, packaged in a vintage baby bottle design, became an instant hit with fans and fragrance enthusiasts alike. Today, it's not only sold out but also fetching staggering prices exceeding $1000 on eBay. A testament to her loyal fan base and the allure of her creations.

portals parfums melanie martinez perfume

Introducing the Latest Perfume by Melanie Martinez - Portals Parfums: Where Music Meets Elemental Fragrance

Fast forward to 2023, and Melanie Martinez is once again captivating our senses with 'Portals Parfums,' a perfume collection inspired by her latest album, 'Portals.' This unique collection comprises four distinct perfumes, each representing one of the four elements. Housed within a 1-foot-tall sculpture of Melanie's new whimsical, four-eyed character, this collector's item features four portable vials of 15ml each. The best part? Refillable options will be available in 2024. At $275, this is a purchase for those who appreciate artistry and fragrance and would like to collect all 4 of her latest perfume creations.

But what makes 'Portals Parfums' truly special are the individual fragrances as mentioned above, each with its own personality and will eventually be sold individually in 2024 as well. Now, let's explore the captivating notes of each fragrance to help you discover the one that best suits your taste!

Water of Intuition - Embrace the Mystique of Winter

Water of Intuition is a woody gourmand fragrance designed for the mystical and introspective soul. With notes of sandalwood new caledonia, amber, cedar wood heart virginia, musk, vanilla, and cocoa absolute, it's a scent that evokes the serenity of winter. Ideal for those who cherish quiet moments by the fireplace and frosty landscapes.

Air of Clarity - Embrace the Sunshine of Spring

Air of Clarity is a solar gourmand fragrance inspired by sunny days at the beach. Featuring notes of caramel, coconut, ambroxan, musk, tonka bean, sandalwood, it's the essence of spring in a bottle. Perfect for those who enjoy the warmth of the sun and the crispness of sea breeze.

Fiery Passion - Ignite Your Summer Romance

Fiery Passion is a floral gourmand fragrance that captures the exuberance of youth and the passion of summer. With notes of strawberry, pink peony, vanilla, musk, woods, it's a bold and seductive choice for those who seek adventure and romance during the hot months.

Earth Abundance - Harvest the Essence of Autumn

Earth Abundance is a fresh floral aromatic fragrance that embodies the bountiful spirit of autumn. Its notes include green tea, jasmine lmr, turmeric leaf, lavender absolute, and vanilla co2. This perfume resonates with individuals who appreciate the changing leaves and the earthy scents of the season.


Now, dear readers, the choice is yours. Which of these fragrances calls out to your heart and senses? Will you opt for an individual perfume or indulge in the entire 'Portals Parfums' collection to experience all four unique elemental scents?

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