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Harry Styles Unveils Pleasing Fragrances: A Sensory Journey into Seduction

Pleasing Fragrances by Harry Styles


In a harmonious fusion of music and scent, the renowned singer Harry Styles is stepping into the world of Pleasing fragrances. The British heartthrob, known for his eclectic style and charming tunes, has set a new stage in the beauty industry. This year, Styles' company, 'Pleasing,' is making waves with the release of three enchanting and captivating unisex perfumes on November 16. These scents, named Bright, Hot, Closeness, and Rivulets, are poised to make a captivating entrance into the world of fragrances. In this article, we'll delve into the alluring universe of Pleasing and explore these seductive scents that promise to tantalize your senses.

Pleasing's Journey:

Pleasing, the brainchild of Harry Styles, took its first steps into the beauty industry in 2021, quickly becoming a household name. Known for its commitment to creativity, sustainability, and innovation, the brand has earned a devoted following. Pleasing's remarkable journey has been marked by several milestones, from introducing gender-neutral beauty products to its sustainable approach to production. The company's foray into fragrances represents yet another stride towards redefining beauty standards.

Pleasing Fragrances by Harry Styles  - Bright, Hot

Bright, Hot - A Dreamy Reverie:

Bright, Hot is an olfactory journey with top notes of plum and tobacco leaves that draw you into the embrace of relaxation. The middle notes of Orris butter and marine accord create a sense of tranquility, while the base notes of cedarwood, tonka bean absolute, vanilla absolute Madagascar, and crisp amber provide a deep and alluring finish. This perfume is the ideal companion for moments of serenity and midday reveries.

Pleasing Fragrances by Harry Styles  - Closeness

Closeness - An Evening Embrace:

Closeness captures the essence of an intimate evening with top notes of Australian pink pepper extract, cardamom EO, and a clean sheets accord. The middle notes of Orris butter, carrot seed France, and bamboo provide a soft, matte ambiance, while the base notes of Indian papyrus, cashmere woods, and salted musk create a warm and passionate scent. This perfume is the perfect choice for moments of romance and connection.

Pleasing Fragrances by Harry Styles  - Rivulets

Rivulets - An Enchanting Encounter:

Rivulets evokes the magic of a chance encounter with top notes of ambrette seeds, lemon, and black pepper Madagascar. The middle notes of white linen accord and poplin blossom infuse freshness, while the base notes of ambroxan and skin musk create an enchanting allure. This perfume is a perfect choice for those who cherish the thrill of unexpected connections.

Sustainability and Design:

All three Pleasing fragrances are vegan and made with sustainable resources, proudly crafted in collaboration with Robertet. Their simple bottle design, featuring a rounded bottom reminiscent of a rocking chair, has charmed audiences since it was showcased in the teaser trailer on Pleasing's Instagram page.

Where to Find Pleasing Fragrances:

Pleasing's Bright, Hot, Closeness, and Rivulets perfumes will be available for purchase at The Corner Shop at Selfridges London. Excitingly, these captivating scents will also be accessible in stores in New York City and Los Angeles on November 16, as well as online at


As the world eagerly awaits the launch of Pleasing's enchanting perfumes, we can't help but wonder which of the three is your favourite? Will you be adding these sensual scents to your collection? Share your thoughts below!

Excitingly, November is a month filled with olfactory delights from celebrity fragrances, as we anticipate the release of fragrances from other renowned artists like Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, and Melanie Martinez. This month promises to be a symphony of scents and sensations.

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